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MF Solutions offers world-class IT solutions that help organizations to improve their business processes and organize information from anywhere at any time based on advanced systems [Enterprise Content Lifecycle Management, Enterprise Application Integrations, Business Process Management, Enterprise Security, Information Availability and Mobility & Wireless].

Digital E-Library

Share your documents online on within your organization. Digital E-library allows you to store books, documents, media, articles, or anything in electronic format. Only registered user can access that library and download it.

Time Attendance

MFNet is a fully automated time and attendance management system that eliminates the tremendous waste associated with manual employee time collection and processing by providing streamlined and efficient clocking, validation, and authorization routines. What would take hours, if not days, can be handled quickly and accurately in a fraction of the time.

MFNet reduces time collection to the swipe of a card, a few computer strokes, or a slide of your hand. The easy-to-use software calculates hours automatically and accurately. Together, these powerful capabilities can eliminate up to 80% of your payroll preparation time.

Monitor the non-worked hours of salaried employees

Use MFNet to keep track of employees’ worked hours and non-worked hours such as vacation, sick and personal days. One time and attendance system handles all your employees!

Manage employee schedules

The framework of schedules and rules that controls the calculation of time card information is well proven and allows you to define a variety of working hours, periodically based overtime calculations, and much more

Access your archives in an instant

MFNet summarizes year-to-date attendance information such as total hours worked, vacation and sick time, plus exception information. MFNet also compiles easy-to retrieve records of employees’ actual in-and-out punches.

Mix and Match biometric, barcode, magstripe, proxy card, and simple PIN entry

MFNet can be operated with a wide array of data collection and communications methods. You can "mix and match" options to suit your environment, your data collection requirements, and the types of employees that will be using the system.

Load Attendance Process

The main process section of the application will process all type of text files including .bak, .txt, .dat file retrieved from the Attendance devices. It is a three step methodology where administrator will gather the raw files and make selection to process it. First Step Load Raw Data, Second Process Raw Data, Third Allow Final Changes and update.


MF Net Application Software can work even in an environment where the Employees can record the attendance (by showing the card to register ‘IN’ and OUT’ timings) from any of several “MF Net" systems that could be working at a Location and the attendance recording will be done automatically in the correct way.

This software is designed to cater to the needs of all kind of possible users  e.g., Factories, Offices etc. To cater to such needs of the Factories where an employee needs to sit beyond the limits of 12 midnight. the software takes two days data together for proper computation of attendance. In the Offices/ factories the sales service, account, personnel, administration need to go out for Sales Calls, Service Calls, Bank work, Labor Courts etc.

Replace time-consuming, manual error and paper-based HR methods which doesn’t make sense and save expenses and increase efficiency.

Its time to use MFNet Time and Attendance software which Offers:

System Requirements:

Note: For SQL Server and Oracle we can provide Express Editions, for Enterprise License should be client's responsibility.

Key & Unique Features:

Maintains Supervisor: Employee Relations and allow supervisors to manage Attendance & Leaves of the Employees.

Company Information: It maintains details of the company like Address, Locations/branches, Divisions, Departments, Designations, and etc.

Employee Management: It maintains detailed records of the employee including Administrative records, Personal information, Scanned Documents/Files.

Time Attendance Management: Manages complete attendance of individual Employee including Shift Management, Rotation capabilities.

Leave Management: Accrual Facility of Fixed and Carried Forward types of Leave with sanctioning facility.

Reports & Charts:

Key Benefits

Why Automate Attendance Management?

  1. To minimize costs associated with payroll preparation.
  2. To improve performance and productivity.
  3. To reduce unauthorized overtime, unearned benefit time, etc...
  4. To increase accuracy and efficiency in computing payroll.
  5. To process comprehensive data on work distribution.
  6. To gain timely information to make the right decision in the right time.
  7. To keep time attendance data records for each employee for long periods.
  8. To create a dynamic and rewarding work environment.
  9. To collect, calculate, edits and reports employee hours.
  10. To apply company WORK RULES and POLICIES.
  11. To generate REAL-TIME REPORTS for management decision making.