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Mobile Data Communication (PDA), Mobile Data Solution, Enables field staff to initiate transactions, send invoices, take payments, record deliverys, book new calls, order parts.

The mobile data solution

Today most remote communication is done by phone and most data transfer by modem connection to a phone line. The latest Personal Digital Assistants (PDA's) are a cross between a mobile phone and a computer.

That makes possible the wireless transfer of data and the direct link of the 2 systems.

While every company will have its own needs and priorities; here are some of the benefits that the PDA solution makes possible:

Before arriving at the client:

Call centre receives enquiry and inputs data

Contact and job details downloaded to the PDA's

Special pricing downloaded to the PDA's

GPS* information gives directions to get there

Your client can be told your likely arrival time

* GPS - Global Positioning System

On site:

Relevant information already downloaded

Extra information available for searching

Client can verify the work, orders, delivery and sign for acceptance

Products or problem areas can be photographed

Visit results can be immediately uploaded

Follow up actions can be agreed with client

Automatic reminders can assist job completion

After leaving:

Invoices can be immediately raised in your standard accounting system

Invoices automatically carry correct discount and pricing data

Full history of the visit and any transactions recorded on database

Stock file for parts and products updated

Reduced voice communication by mobile phone

No errors in data transmission

Custom Mobile Services

Custom Handheld Software

As well as our 'off-the-shelf' products we also offer a custom software service to develop or adapt handheld software to the way you need it to work. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Mobilise your Office Software

Are you using your own office software or in-house database? We provide integration expertise to help you get mobile with Motivity without the pitfalls.

On Site Implementation and Training Workshops

Do you need assistance implementing your new mobile solution? Whether it's configuring handsets or on-site training workshops for your workforce - we're here to help.